• 28 Oct 2017

    Frances McDormand, Motivational Interviewing and Engagement

    You might be wondering what Frances McDormand, Motivational Interviewing(MI) and engagement have in common. Let’s start with what Motivational Interviewing is, in case you don’t know. “Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change.” (Miller and Rollnick, Motivational Interviewing 3rd Edition) The underlying perspective of MI includes the elements of Compassion, ... Read More

  • 18 Oct 2017

    Helping Children When Disasters Occur

    We have been challenged by a seemingly endless string of natural disasters. This has greatly impacted our sense of safety and we may struggle with how to make sense of things. We are knocked off our center and hope can seem illusive. This can be especially hard when you have children, or care for them in schools, or other settings. ... Read More

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